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Badoo Images

Because Badoo is a free service, everyone can see the user profiles and the images are not blurry. Although you can open your control panel after registration, you can not perform certain actions, such asincreasing your popularity, buying coins and playing games if you have notuploaded at least one image.

Good advice for new Badoo members: if you only want to see the site, do not upload an image yet. Although access to important parts of thesite is limited to members without images, after uploading an image, you mustmark the photo and verify that it is yours. The site has a solid photoverification process and you are stranded from the site if you do not providethis message.

The verification process seems simple for most people. The site gives you an example of a man or woman in certain attitudes. You have to take a photo with the same exhibition and send it to the Badoo team. After you have verified who you really say you are, the temporary block is removed and you can use the site freely. However, if you are a new user and want to look before you do something, sending an image seems a big step forward.

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