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Badoo – Profile Quality

Users can only select interests from the list

There is no place to think about things like religion or politics.

Badoo has a complete photo verification process to ensurethat the profile image of a user is a true image of themselves.

Profile authentication requires that users link their accounts to their social network or phone accounts.

If users can report and test suspicious accounts, that account will be deleted.

The profiles are very detailed.

The profile information can be changed later.

Profile photos are free for everyone.

The profile information as a whole is bad. Unlike other dating sites where you answer questions and do a personality test, users can only choose their interests from a large list. Religion, politics, etc. You can not see what you think of the problems.

They have developed a profile scoring system to encourageusers to submit their best photos and fully complete their profile. As your score increases, also this increases visibility for other users. If you want to receive reviews from other users, you must upload at least three photos ofyourself. Other users who see your profile per party can vote on your profile.

Although profile scores are intended to determine who likes the site’s users, users can still look at their photos even without looking at the profile.

Even in the process of site verification, false profiles inBadoo are quite important. There are a number of articles written on theinternet and we have experienced it first hand when writing this review. Only2-3 minutes after we had created a profile, we received 4 messages from severalwomen who wanted to talk with us. It is very doubtful that there is no officialor knowledge because the account has already been created. After acceptance,the site has a feature that premium members can post for new users when theysign up, but it is better to sincerely meet other people and not just send textmessages to people who are subscribed to the service.

Demographic Data

According to demographic data, the proportion of men and women in Badoo was 70/30 in 2009 and men dominated the region. Recently the numbers have decreased and in the same way more and more female profiles arebeing made, some of which create false profiles to attract more people to thesite. Note that the profiles can be configured so that non-members can seethem. For this reason, Badoo has several female circumcision profiles to ensurethat men only participate in the website and meet these “users ofblackjack”.

Overall, we rate the quality of Badoo’s profile in 2 out of 5. The lack of personalization of the profile makes it clear that Badoo is nota place for serious relationships, but a place for connection. Although thesite does not take into account opinions and opinions, it places a lot ofemphasis on photographs and appearance. Yes, you can choose the area of​​interest and there are several areas where you can freely write aboutyourself, because most are neglected by users, because this is not mandatory.There is a full authentication system for photos on Badoo, but there is nothingabout what is written on your profile. Someone who is looking for a long-term relationship or marriage does not have enough resources to say who is compatible with whom.


Organized design, simple but pleasant for the eye.

Intuitive and easy to use application.

Features such as “Bumped” and chat functions.

Available for App Store, Play Store and Windows phones.

One of the main reasons why the Badoo website is out of date and lifeless is that the company is more focused on its mobile application. Because the site is for simple and fast connections, being mobile is the most logical move. This way users can search for potential friends, chat with friends, flights and search for a night whenever they want.


More features of the browser version.

Date of search and link in motion.

Discover a new way to discover users in your area.

Easier to find similarities


Incorrect authentication means that even some legitimate users are unnecessarily blocked

Technical errors occur from time to time, such as logging in, sending messages and viewing certain screens.

Although it is easier to call people when opening the location of your phone, this can be unsafe

It is clear that Badoo has made more efforts for the mobile application than the website. The profile schemes are excellent, in contrast to their browser counterpart. In general, the mobile Badoo app gets 4 out of 5.

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