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Badoo rating in daily life

Although Badoo is one of the most popular social networking sites for dating, although Badoo is the mobile application one of the mostdownloaded applications of the past years, Badoo has organized to alienate many people. If you are a young adult looking for informal dates, friends and possessions, then Badoo gives you more options than you can imagine. But if you want to contact someone on a deeper level, if you want a long-term relationshipand possibly a marriage, stay away from Badoo.

Since Badoo is proud to be a social network platform that focuses on dating, the design is similar to that of other social networking sites such as Facebook. However, the design is insufficient in comparison. As mentioned above, your profile panel looks like a confusing mess and the designis very simple. To be honest, the way your profile looks when viewed by otherusers is a bit better.

In terms of accessibility, the sites are easy to use. The sidebar menu gives you access to most functions of the site with just one mouseclick. As for the features you can access from the main page of your profile,you can miss some because of the simplicity of the design. Because your site does not use flashy color schemes or fonts, the important parts of your profile do not really stand out. As a result, we give design and functionality 2 out of5.

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