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How does the coronavirus affect communication between couples?

The new type of coronavirus (COVID-19) emerging in Wuhan, China, spreads all over the world, affecting our relationships as well as our business and social life. Couples who need to spend more time together at home almost pass the test. Some get to know each other better, others wonder what they did not know until today. Clinical psychologist Buşra Taşpınar, a family and family relations therapist, shared vital information about the communication between couples during quarantine and said: “It is extremely important to know that there is no time to identify changes in mood and identify our relationship problems. This time to chat when I don’t know. takes. “
The new type of coronavirus (COVID-19), which has affected the world with its spreading rate since December and has significantly affected the global economy, has also profoundly changed individual habits and social life. With the advent of the virus, various concepts such as social distance and quarantine time have emerged in our lives. Due to the actions taken, the time we spend at home for ourselves, our family or our spouse has increased significantly. As we focused more on our inner journey, redefined our relationships, and discovered many innovations, some relationships were positively affected while others were negatively affected. The time we spend at home is important not only for our health, but also for our relationships and ourselves. We are in an unknown period and of course new decisions may be wrong when the tension rises a little.

Get over this time and get stronger together

As the task system improved, the stress at work increased. An inevitable consequence is that living within the four walls outside of the normal routine strengthens the relationship between the couples, triggering an anxious illness process and a state of panic. In this period when we do not know how long it will last, it is extremely important to know that there is no time to identify mood swings and discuss our relationship problems in our homes.

Given the pace of change, you should know that this is only temporary. All the symptoms associated with increased anxiety can be experienced by couples in love right now. You may experience physical reactions and somatic symptoms, such as stress, intolerance, suspicion and guilt, an increase in heart rate, and a feeling of being unable to breathe. They may have problems with insomnia, withdrawal, low motivation, weakness, lack of appetite or needing more food, and also problems with physical dissatisfaction and sexual stamina. . When our anxiety increases, it can disrupt the normal balance of our immune system, mental performance, and mental health. In some cases boredom can lead to conflict. Avoid common communication mistakes such as discussing sensitive topics that can lead to turbulent discussions between couples.

This process also has a huge impact on long distance relationships.

Couples who live separately or are preparing for marriage during this period and who are not separated due to the danger of virus also need to be very careful with the decisions they make during the process. You must harness the power of communication and the power of technology. Write down your feelings and thoughts about fear on a piece of paper. Do this at the same time every day. Keep your daily life at home as beautiful as possible, without disturbing your daily life. Stay in touch with your loved ones through your social network, as well as phone or video. Physical exercises and exercises. Use relaxation techniques, especially yoga and meditation. It helps us control sleep, stress and anxiety. Make sure you get enough sleep regularly. Eat healthy, stay away from unhealthy foods. Finally; Attention. Those days will pass, good morning will come, believe me. Read a lot, dear, try to be a good person. Remember that love is a great energy.

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