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Sex in corona time: how is this possible?

Is the corona epidemic continues, three experts answered the question whether it is safe to continue having sex.

According to the statement made by the George Washington University Health Department, he said that people stranded in their homes due to the corona epidemic should have safe sex. Here are the questions asked and the answers given to the experts:

Is the Corona virus sexually transmitted?

Experts agree that there is no evidence that the virus is sexually transmitted. But Rodriguez-Diaz remembers that kissing is common during sex, and points out that kissing can transmit the virus.

Is it safe to have sex?

If you or your partner is a carrier of the coronavirus, it is helpful to stay apart as much as possible. If possible, the virus carrier should stay in another home until the disease is over. This means there will be no signs of high fever for 72 hours without using the active ingredient ibuprofen or drugs that can mask the fever. You should also wait for your shortness of breath to improve.

However, if you have a regular partner, it is possible to have “safe sex” for those who are asymptomatic, those who are not in contact with a possible carrier of the virus, and those who follow the rules. home. In fact, Marcus suggests having sex at such a stressful time to have fun, reduce anxiety, and stay in touch with his partner.

Find new partners and make love

This option is not possible while at home and it is recommended that you contact people as little as possible. However, experts say the gap can be bridged with alternatives such as video calling and messaging.

Offers for those alone now

If you’re worried about staying home for a long time, all you need to do is follow the rule of social disconnection and make sure that people you know do it. The more we stick to this rule, the less time is left to maintain social distance. So I will be able to return to the network very soon. Focus on the present instead of thinking about the future.

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